Every few months the designers at Sasges Inc. get to tackle what it means to be an Enbridge employee. That doesn’t mean we get handed a hard hat and a key card but rather we get the opportunity to delve into Enbridge life through the eyes of employees as we design Link magazine. Each issue tackles a specific topic key to Enbridge’s success including the environment, safety, corporate values, and Enbridge’s controversial Northern Gateway Pipeline project. It’s a challenging and fun design romp as we work directly with illustrators, photographers, Enbridge editors and writers to craft a unique and definitely “non-corporate” visual story.

In 2011, as a testament to the vision of Enbridge editors and the dedication of Sasges Inc. designers, Link was awarded two awards in the Ragan, Employee Communication Awards. That’s big news when you consider our competitors were some of North America’s most successful companies. Of the special “Northern Gateway” issue the judges at Ragan said:

When all is said and done, this publication succeeds for one reason: The designers (and the editor!) weren’t afraid to take chances. They could have taken the easy route and put together a very corporate publication with safe colors and loaded with copy, but instead, they took the time to make the design work to strengthen tremendously their arguments for building the Northern Gateway Pipeline. It’s a perfect example of how not only words, but design, help you communicate. Design is one of the big persuaders in this brilliantly conceived magazine.

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