Evaluating, advising, suggesting, guiding… we’ve spent more than 25 years expressing our opinions to clients, designers, suppliers and students. Seasoned, insightful thinking has translated to great work, along with numerous accolades and awards. But it’s a career highlight when Applied Arts, Canada’s prestigious visual communications magazine, asks you to voice your opinions as their 2013 guest design columnist. We were honoured to get the call and can’t wait to share our views on anything and everything that captures our interest.

Here are the Sasges articles. Stay tuned for updates throughout the year.

When Options Are Not an Option // November 2013
If you find the right solution for a design problem, why offer the client other choices?

Years ago I was invited for lunch with a competitor who was interested in buying my business. Throughout the lunch we discussed our clients, type of work and having me stay on as creative director. We had many similarities and I remember thinking, perhaps this could work.

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Do the Right Thing // July 2013
Our industry focuses on “green design.” But real sustainability should be about a triple bottom line consisting of people, planet and profit.

In today’s polarized environmental climate, sustainability is a hot topic in our industry. There isn’t a conference that doesn’t focus at least one session on reducing our waste or on being a better designer by working on projects for the good of the environment.

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Right From the Start // May 2013
Sage advice for young designers launching into their careers

Ah, springtime. It’s the time of the year when students race to start their careers. While the following may seem like common sense, we still see new designers coming through our doors who get it so very wrong.

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What’s Happening to the Craft of Design? // March 2013
We’re so focused on digital tools that we are forgetting how to work the tactile beauty of print

As I stood looking across a warehouse full of design entries, I wondered: Where are the gems? Where are the pieces begging me to pick them up and engage in what they have to say? Where are the ones that make me say, ‘Damn, I wish I’d done that!’ Where are the Design Awards winners?

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