When a client asks us to “re-envision” real-estate marketing, we get excited. When they mention the words “inner city development,” our design team leaps for the challenge.

In 2012, M2i Development Corporation invited Sasges Inc. to help them brand and launch their first project. M2i was planning a rare offering in Calgary: a new residential development within a well-established, historical neighbourhood. M2i’s overall vision is to develop a multi-building urban village that, while distinct, will be very much a part of Inglewood.

This project’s scope and complexity set a precedent at Sasges Inc., demanding 10 intense months of exploration and the execution of a multitude of marketing tactics across diverse media.

Our first challenge was to name and brand the new community, along with its first new building. Working with the M2i team, we arrived at SoBow (south of the Bow) to describe and portray the new community. 1912Cross, which combines a key date in Calgary’s history with a pioneering Inglewood family name, was chosen for SoBow’s new condominium building.

A multitude of tactics flowed from the unusual look and voice of our branding story. One of M2i’s core values is community involvement, and it took a community of talented players to extend our brand into an array of marketing tools. Working with a group of colleagues and industry experts, the Sasges team played an active role in imagining and steering the SoBow brand, from the website and app to the community book and multi-media advertising campaign. We even ensured that the brand was reflected in the Sales Centre’s interior, which features a illustrated digital wall.

Overall, the marketing approach was inclusive, personal and non-traditional. There was no stock photography, and no “lifestyle” copy or imagery. Instead, potential buyers were invited to view SoBow through their own lens – their individual window on the world. Marketing and communications materials were tactile and customizable – allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves enjoying highly personalized home and community experiences.

In all aspects of the campaign, we leveraged the location – on the river, on the park, and in the inner city – highlighting Inglewood’s exceptional setting and attributes. While we paid tribute to its historical charm, our tactics consistently highlighted the life potential buyers would enjoy by connecting with Inglewood today, and in the future.

The unconventional look and feel of the brand has set SoBow apart in Calgary’s condo market. The project has also been a proving ground and a confidence-builder for Sasges Inc. It’s shown our team – and our clients – that we’re capable of handling a highly complex and dynamic campaign with enthusiasm and skill.